Friday, January 16, 2009


I will be traveling for the next few days and will most likely not be posting until I am situated. Lets only hope I accomplish some workouts on this venture. I will post about the occurrences and accomplishments around the 22nd or 23rd!!

Best wishes!



maria said...

lil fembot!
have loads of fun! be safe! hurry back! momma-bots miss you and lil chris!

Alison said...

I miss you already! I didn't get a chance to say bye... :(

Have fun and come back soon...!

Mary said...

Awee, Fembot and Chris.. I didn't even get to give you a goodbye hug or kiss. I miss my little bot-daughter already. Please becareful in your life's adventure. The Clone and I are always thinking about you two. Keep blogging so we know what's going on with you! And if you wanna chat, you have our cellphone numbers!!!

Miss my kids! :(