Monday, January 5, 2009


I wanted to do something quick so I could read a little more before work. Cheryl suggested Annie, and I pretty much always do what Cheryl says...

50, 40,30,20, 10
Of Double unders
and Sit-ups

I had a horrible time of 00:08:58

It was funny too, on my first rep while doing the sit-ups I realized that I was day dreaming and had only done 30 sit-ups in a vast time frame so from there I began to hustle.

My lack of posting is about to hopefully come to an end minus the weekends. The holidays ruined me mostly as well as some snowboarding trips which will continue to throw me off. But with how much I suck, I think a couple days of snowboarding makes up for my lack of WODs.

Happy 2009 everyone.

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Mary said...

Heh... I also did what Cheryl said. I didn't get farther than 50...

Daisy was tough today at the noon class. Cold, wet, WOD sucked. A ton of motorists slowed down and gave us all weird looks. I guess they're right -we are insane for running with 25 lb plates on a cold, drizzling winter morning. But that's what we love about crossfit. Mental and physical challenge.

Hey Fembot, pay the electric bill and crank up the heat in the Ice Box, ok?